Why Your Art is Not Improving

I see this time and time again, frustrated new artists who can't understand why they aren't seeing the improved results they expect. If your artwork isn't getting better and failing to live up to your desired standards, it's possible you are committing one or more of the following:

1) Not Learning the Basics (!!!)

Just as you can't learn Algebra without first mastering basic Arithmetic, you can't create masterpieces without knowing the simple basics of art and drawing. This is the most important lesson to learn and why I listed it at the top. 

Learn color theory, pick a limited palette to create harmony in your work, practice value and shading, improve your drawing skills, learn the basics of composition, watch videos of master artists (not those gimmicky YT tutorials that promise "easy" results), check out books from the library, go to the museum, study art, observe art, and build up from those foundational levels to later expand off of. Learn the basic…

Turner Watercolor - A Product Review

I was pretty excited about the chance to review Turner Watercolor paints when I became an artist associate for Jerrysartarama. I had been anxious to try the brand and their gouache paints for some time. Turner Watercolor is one of the more affordable brands of professional artist watercolor paints on the market, with a set of 18 costing around $40-$60 on Amazon.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was short-lived.  Perhaps I got a bad set but I had problems with the binders separating from the pigments in the tubes. Even when I squeezed some of the paints into a palette and gave them a good mix with a toothpick I couldn't get good results. The paint was gummy and streaky and in the case of the Maya colors (Maya red, Maya Blue, Maya Yellow) it was like a tinted vaseline.

The Turquoise Blue PB28 (a true cobalt blue!), Pthalo Green YS PG36, and Dioxazine Violet PV23 made the set.  The rest of the colors were standard and not exceptional, in my opinion. I made a color swatch comparison to my…

10 Things I learned My First Year of Painting

It's been almost one year since I first started painting seriously. In that time I have developed my skill just enough to recognize how much I can improve with dedicated practice. I still have decades of painting ahead of me. For those starting out, I would like to share the ten things I have learned this first year of painting.

1. Be Patient
Be patient with yourself and allow yourself time to practice and create tons of crap art. Be patient with your artwork too. Allow the paint to dry between layers. Be patient enough to walk away from something for a day and come back at it with fresh eyes. Be patient enough with your painting to add those finishing details and contrasting values. Just be patient. Art can't be rushed.

2. Practice
Make a commitment to yourself to paint every day. Get a small 6x9 watercolor sketchbook and create small paintings that can be completed in an hour or two. Set the timer on your phone for 30 mins and do warm-up exercises of color mixing and practic…


Can you paint that?
 Sometimes I get this question because the person doesn't have a good reference photo or any reference photo. Sometimes the composition is too busy or very detailed. For whatever reason, if you are curious about whether or not I can paint something, just shoot me an email with the image. I never charge to look at something and give you my honest opinion. email

How can I order a commission and what are prices?
I have a full price list available on my website. I am available for pet portraits and house portraits.  

How long does it take to commission a painting?
It typically takes 4-6 weeks depending on the time of the year and approaching holidays. 

How do I preserve a commissioned piece of art? Will my painting fade over time? 
Watercolor was once thought to be a delicate and fugitive medium, meaning that it fades over time, but thanks to years of development in professional art supplies many higher grade paints will last several decades or lon…

2019 Christmas Art Buying Guide

If you are an artist, or just happen to love one, let me share with you a buying guide of some of my very favorite art things. I decided to challenge myself and created a $40 maximum price range, that way you can buy something for yourself or your favorite artist. These are all perfect stand-alone gifts or stocking stuffers.

Under $20.00

$20.00 and Up