Can you paint that? 
 Sometimes I get this question because the person doesn't have a good reference photo or any reference photo. Sometimes the composition is too busy or very detailed. For whatever reason, if you are curious about whether or not I can paint something, just shoot me an email with the image. I never charge to look at something and give you my honest opinion. email k.f.ebersole@gmail.com

How can I order a commission and what are prices? 
I have a full price list available on my website. I am available for pet portraits and house portraits.  

How long does it take to commission a painting?
It typically takes 4-6 weeks depending on the time of the year and approaching holidays. 

How do I preserve a commissioned piece of art? Will my painting fade over time? 
Watercolor was once thought to be a delicate and fugitive medium, meaning that it fades over time, but thanks to years of development in professional art supplies many higher grade paints will last several decades or longer if properly preserved. I use only professional, lightfast, quality products on archival paper for all my commissioned works.  I do not use varnishes or fixatives such as varnish or shellac, because they inhibit the process of expansion and contraction necessary to stabilize works on paper. Also, fixatives can dry to a hard finish and can even cause your watercolor paper to buckle and the paint to crack. To protect your watercolor, simply mat and frame your painting behind glass or plexiglass (UV glass is best) and avoid hanging in direct sunlight.

How long have you been painting and what is your professional background?  
I studied fine art at Virginia Commonwealth University and then took a hiatus from art to take care of my family. I started back seriously into art in January of 2019. I am a member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society

Do you offer tutorials or classes? 
Not at this time but it is an art goal of mine in the next year or so. Offering tutorials and classes takes time, resources, and additional money for video equipment.  I occasionally post time-lapse videos on my new YouTube channel and real-time videos with more detailed instructions on my Patreon page.  Revenue generated from my Patreon page goes toward operating expenses, website maintenance, and art supplies. 

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