Turner Watercolor - A Product Review

I was pretty excited about the chance to review Turner Watercolor paints when I became an artist associate for Jerrysartarama. I had been anxious to try the brand and their gouache paints for some time. Turner Watercolor is one of the more affordable brands of professional artist watercolor paints on the market, with a set of 18 costing around $40-$60 on Amazon.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was short-lived.  Perhaps I got a bad set but I had problems with the binders separating from the pigments in the tubes. Even when I squeezed some of the paints into a palette and gave them a good mix with a toothpick I couldn't get good results. The paint was gummy and streaky and in the case of the Maya colors (Maya red, Maya Blue, Maya Yellow) it was like a tinted vaseline.

The Turquoise Blue PB28 (a true cobalt blue!), Pthalo Green YS PG36, and Dioxazine Violet PV23 made the set.  The rest of the colors were standard and not exceptional, in my opinion. I made a color swatch comparison to my Shinhan and Winsor & Newton paints, with the only obvious differences being that Turner's burnt sienna was a bit more reddish and their sap green more yellow.

I will probably use these paints as my new plein air painting paints, replacing my palette of Winsor & Newton Cotman paints which are student grade.  But overall, I would give Turner Watercolor 3 out of 5 stars.


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